Digital Marketing 101: How to plan content marketing with integrated lead generation funnel

Using digital marketing, for any targeted Niche Product / Service / Recurring affiliate promotion.

Phase 01: – Market Research (Selecting Targeted 100 Keyword (buyers Keywords)

1) Keyword from Search engines


3) Best blogs, Authority Figures in the market

4) Forums

Phase 02: Building and enhancing relationship to make them buyer for a long term.

digital marketing

1) Creating 100 Educational value providing video content

  • Lead magnet – Offer to get new leads in the system.
  • Re-purposing them in the blog as video post for existing list to enhance relationship with list

2) Blog post: 40 to 60 Blog posts from same Targeted research (Educational value providing)

  • Primary goal is to build and enhance relationship with existing list ( buyer list)
  • Selling them affiliate information product and recurring affiliate offer to get long term revenue
  • Optimizing for Search engines (on site) and to create the social signal for new leads.

3) Lead Magnet: Opt-in offer

  • Creating High value providing a lead magnet to give them FREE.
  • Can be a video course ( 5 to 7 short video)
  • Very short PDF checklist type content
  • Can be a webinar with some expert from the market.

4) Additional Relationship building with existing list and new leads:

  • Live event – interviewing expert in webinar
  • Contest and challenges to get the list involved in changing their life.

5) Social Media:

  • Creating infographics for social media 1 every week
  • Creating images to use in social media 3 images a week
  • Motivating to a better lifestyle through social media to get the viral engagement with them. 3 piece of content a week

6) Revenue Generation Strategy: Finding and promoting recurring income affiliate program. Books, audiobooks, Physical product, information product etc.

7) Email to the list:

  • Every piece of content created for a blog.
  • Specific promotional email on each 2 days after we send them 10 blog post to educate and build trust.
  • Every email and sales page has to be done with direct response copywriting strategy.

8) Blog designing and tech support: We create new offer pages and sales pages for every offer with engaging video in them and a blog to monetize on the blog to leverage from those content in the blog.